December 5th, 2015 by Planet Chocko

December 5, 2015 is upon us! We are seriously overdue for an update. What was it? 5 years ago that we awoke from our initial comotose? Many things have changed since then, yet some things have remained the same. One thing that is a constant for us is this blog. It’s nice to have an outlet to express yourself. We try not to look at Planet Chocko as something we have to do but something we enjoy doing. Thanks for reading this!

I guess we can’t call ourselves a zine any longer since this blog is our main artery of distribution but we still have that fanzine state of mind! Chocko & I have talked about creating a limited paper print zine run one of these days for fun so stay tuned! Anyways, thanks for sticking around as Planet Chocko is still ticking away with those tri-state & occasional outer space updates. We just wanted to let everyone know that we are still slaving away at the experimental labs. We’re still having fun going to shows,concerts,movies, & the other wacky things we do so rest assured, our updates will still flow on the low on Planet Chocko! Here’s to another 5 years!


-Planet Chocko


Welcome, Planet Chocko zine readers! We have been in hibernation-comatose mode for close to a decade now so it’s about time for a resurrection or reincarnation if you will!  The last time Planet Chocko authors were scurrying around the east village in NYC writing reviews on punk shows,kung fu movie reviews,good eats reviews,covering sci fi/comic conventions,interviewing B rated movie actresses & bands,displaying our photos, or just spitting out random thoughts & poems…hitting the pen to the paper was the choice of format & printing out 500 copies of our zines @ my ‘office space’ job was a perk added to my job function that was unbeknownst to my manager at the time.  Now, as we have awakened from our comatose – blogs & the internet have peaked ten fold.  So, sit back – relax, & enjoy the ride as the Planet Chocko mothership is about to blast off! 

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