MISS, PLEASE BE PATIENT (1981) : Korean Blogathon edition

March 6th, 2012 by Mr. C

Director: Lee Hyung-Pyo
Stars: Kim Tai Chung, Jeong Yun-Hui, Seo Yeong-Ran,Ahn So-Young
Genre: action, comedy

“He looked like Bruce Lee and he was as fast as the wind.”

Miss, Please be Patient was my first dip into Korean martial arts cinema from the 1980’s and it was a fun toe-tap into the K-pool at that! We are all familiar with the big three Korean martial art sensasians who made their presence known in Hong Kong cinema with the likes of Hwang Jang Lee (Drunken Master,Dance of the Drunk Mantis,Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow ), Hwang In-Shik (Hap Ki Do, Young Master), and Kim Tai Chung (R.I.P.), the star in Miss-Please Be Patient. Kim was better known for playing Bruce Lee like clone characters in movies such as Game of Death, Game of Death 2 aka Tower of Death, and a bit role playing the ghost of Bruce Lee in No Retreat, No Surrender with Jean Cleade Van Damme. So when I found out that KTC was starring in this Korean martial arts-comedy-action flick from 1981, my antenna ears raised up a notch!

The plot of the movie is as cheesy and easy as it can get with Li-Hwa, a well to do daughter of a shipbuilding tycoon from Taiwan attracting a bunch of vulchers including the President and other Korean gangsters looking to blackmail this well to do family. The comedic relief comes in when the boss finds out that his bumbling crew kidnap the wrong girl. In comes the charm & grace of the very skillful Kim Tai Chung laying down some Tae kwan Do kicks along with some dirty ass tricks while being assisted by a kickass chick. Cross dressing, dancing in the disco, double dragon tattoos, and Jackie Chan like slapstick action are part of the experience as well. I love this era of large collars, bell bottoms, large oval glasses, mop head hairdos, and the occassional asian poof perms as long as I’m not involved in it! The fight scenes were pretty frequent if not a bit on the comical tip, however the execution of the martial artistry was tight especially when Kim Tai Chung was behind the action! The best fight sequence in the film showed itself at the end when the twin dragon met KTC on the ship in the fight to the end!

Miss, Please be Patient is by no means a great film but in my estimation in appreciation of Korean films and Kim Tai Chung, this is a must see just for the fun factor!


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